To all our lovely clients,

All vouchers expiring during lockdown or purchased beforehand will be extended upon re-opening. All vouchers purchased during lockdown will have an expiry date of April 2022 so plenty of time to treat yourselves when we’re back in action.


It’s been 12 weeks since we went into lockdown (yes TWELVE WEEKS) and sadly, here at Ocho we still have no clearer idea
as to when we are going to be able to open and treat you all.
The hair and beauty industry seems to have been left behind when it comes to any announcements, with no clear guidance in Scotland
as to when we can open and how we are expected to do that. Our governing bodies are in talks with the Scottish government
and we hope it won’t be long until we can at least give you an idea of when we will be back.
In the mean time, we are coming up with our own plans, sourcing PPE and making what we think will be necessary changes in the spa.
When we get the green light you all will be the first to know, and we will do our very best to get you all in for your treatments.
What we do know is that we are going to be inundated with requests for appointments, it seems you all have missed us as much as we’ve missed you!
Appointments and booking procedures will be different when we open so we only ask for patience when this time comes as we are
trying to figure out the safest way to have as many of you in as possible. It is also very likely that we won’t be able to offer our full price list,
but this will be clarified nearer the time.
A huge thank you to all of you who have ordered vouchers or care packages over the last few months.
Our £50 voucher for £38, our Father’s Day package for £40 and our Care Package for £28 (with £10 going to Marie Curie)
are all still available to purchase while we are closed. Email us to order yours. Our voucher offers are digital so can be sent straight to you!

This is something that no one could have predicted, and every small business you know of will still need your support
through these dark days. Share posts, interact, purchase products and vouchers if you can and it is safe to do so.
Shout about your favourite pubs, shops, restaurants, hairdressers (and spas of course 😉) – we need you now more than ever.


These times will pass and when they do, lets hope for a kinder, fairer, more enviromentally-friendly future.
Learn from this time of quiet and change your habits. Help your neighbours, call your family and friends,
move your bodies, BREATHE.


We have THE BEST clients we could ever ask for. The messages of support we have received have given us strength
and the boost of positivity we needed before closing our doors.


Love to you all, look after yourselves and your families,

Love Ailsa, Pauline, Ashley, Aimee, Julie & Hannah