Detoxifying Body Wrap Treatment: £48 (1 hour 40 minutes)
Course of 3 treatments: £110

This detoxifying body wrap leaves you feeling sensational! Start with a full body exfoliation and dry body brushing to prepare the skin and bosst the circulation in the body, helping to eliminate the toxins which lead to areas of cellulite. A firming gel is applied to problem areas in the body, then wrapped in thermal bandages to increase the firming effects. Your detoxification is finished off with a full body lymphatic drainage massage using a firming moisturiser containing natural plant extracts which support the natural collagen and elasticity in the skin. Perfect for those wanting to relax and prepare themselves for a special occasion or a holiday.

LaCure treatments at Ocho Spa Glasgow

LaCure Mineral Mud Therapy Wrap: (2 hours)
Mud Wrap: £60
Mud wrap with facial: £75

Dead Sea Mud has been found to be effective in relieving the symptoms of skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and acne with its variety of natural minerals. The amazing theraputic benfits of Dead Sea Minerals have been used for centuries to treat a range of ailments and diseases. Created to remove impurities and invigorate the skin for a refreshed, youthful glow, our Dead Sea Mud Wraps and Dead Sea Mineral facial are the perfect treatment to detoxify your entire body and calm the mind.

LaCure Cellulite Mud Wrap: (2 hours)
Mud Wrap: £65
Mud wrap with Facial: £80

LaCure mud wrap reduces cellulite and fat tissue, helping with fluid retention, accumulation of toxins and poor circulation. Stimulating the metabolism, lymph and circulatory system.

LaCure Immunity Boost Mud Wrap:(2 hours)
Mud Wrap: £65
Mud Wrap with Facial: £80

Immunity boost wrap tones up overall health. Its high Vitamin C content is very valuable to the immune system, helping to protect the body against colds and flu.

LaCure Body Detox Mud Wrap: (2 hours)
Mud Wrap: £65
Mud Wrap with Facial: £80

Body Detox mud has a detoxifying effect on the liver whilst cleansing the digestive system and the body as a whole. It removes the accumulation of toxins in the body, muscles and joints.

NSI Inch Loss Wrap(90 minutes)
One Wrap: £55
Three Wraps: £125

NSL wrap is a luxurious natural based formulations created by experienced bio-chemist. It uses 100% natural and 96% organic products working into the skin to promote lipolysis (breaks down the fat stores within the body) allowing yourself to achieve excellent inch loss results. This wrap will help cleanse, detoxify, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and tighten the skin.